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About project

Comfortable senior housing designed for even the most demanding clients, complete with many services

This multifunctional project in Na Třebešíně Street in Prague 10 (Strašnice) combines a nursing home with housing in smaller accommodation units.

Homes providing a more intensive form of care for the elderly are sorely needed today and will become even more important in the future. With this in mind, our main intention is to create a social service facility in the form of a retirement home with a day care centre. The Na Třebešíně Home will also offer more independent and active seniors modern housing in smaller units with all the conveniences they require. You can choose the right housing for yourself or your loved ones according to your or their individual needs.

O projektu

How does it work?

he hub of the Na Třebešíně Home will be its Service Centre, where a 24-hour reception with trained staff will arrange for the necessary care and assistance. These permanent staff members will also be available to independent residents. There will also be a doctor’s surgery, a day care centre, massage and physiotherapy facilities, and a nurses’ station in each building. The project will include a physical activity zone together with a restored park, where clients can enjoy the fresh air. The thoughtful design will also allow us to create a community inner courtyard as a venue for social events and a place to relax in peace and quiet.

To ensure the sustainability of the project, we will retain the building in our portfolio and rent out the units on a long-term basis.


Discover the benefits of living in the
Na Třebešíně Home!

Everything you need always to hand

The Service Centre’s 24-hour operation and its trained staff will give every resident the opportunity to make use of all available care and the other benefits offered by this housing.

The very best care

We will take care of you or your loved ones even if your or their health suddenly deteriorates. In these situations, we are ready to provide full round-the-clock care in a 15-bed nursing home.

Culture and entertainment all in one

The hub of community life will be a spacious day-care centre. This will be a meeting point for residents of the home and their guests, and can also be used to host social activities, lectures, and other events.


Doctor in the house

On the ground floor of the home, there will be a GP’s office to provide residents with daily health care.

Healthy body, healthy spirit

Regular services to support and maintain the functionality of the musculoskeletal system, such as massages or physiotherapy, will be available.

Pamper yourself

Many special-rate services, including hairdressing, pedicures and manicures, can be booked at the reception desk.


We’ll take care of your laundry and cleaning

It goes without saying that the assistance services on offer will include the regular cleaning of the apartments and the on-site washing, drying and ironing of laundry.

Food delivery

Residents can have groceries and ready-made lunches delivered, or enjoy the local canteen, as another service offered to make their day-to-day life easier and more pleasant.

A fresh and varied programme

All-round care for seniors will include wide-ranging leisure activities, such as memory training, creative workshops, language courses, a film club, exercises in the garden, and excursions.

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Cosy senior housing straddling the Strašnice and Malešice areas of Prague

The Na Třebešíně Home will be located in the quiet surroundings of the Prague district of Třebešín, right next to the Jiří Karen City Park and near Malešický Park.

The complex will be divided into three separate sections surrounding an inner courtyard, which will play a community role and ensure that residents can enjoy undisturbed peace and privacy. The architectural concept of the building is in the spirit of modern housing projects and in no way gives the impression of a medical facility. Clients will live in a cosy, pleasant environment full of greenery.

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