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Kačerov Metro Station

Praha 4 – Krč
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Crescon won a tender held by Dopravní podnik hlavního města Praha to revitalise Českomoravská and Kačerov Metro Stations.
Crescon won these individual tenders because it met all the qualification criteria, submitted the required studies on the future use of the metro stations and, by no means least, offered a price that beat the contracting authority’s expectations.
“We are very pleased to have this opportunity to implement such interesting and yet highly demanding projects. There are a whole number of strict conditions set by Dopravní podnik that we have to comply with, such as logical requirements to keep transport services and station access and passages in operation. This will also include the construction of disabled-access entrances and the construction and subsequent operation of public toilets.
“Nevertheless, I am confident that, by harnessing our development experience, we will handle these projects to the satisfaction not only of Dopravní podnik, but also of the general Prague public,” says Jan Jerie, director and currently the majority shareholder of the Crescon Group. “As for the future use of the metro entrance halls, we will make sure that they are not the preserve of gambling establishments. We anticipate ordinary, highly practical services for the public, such as a baker’s, flower shop, newsagent’s, hairdresser’s and cafés.”
The next step in project preparations will be to come up with a structural design for both stations. In keeping with the tender criteria and the current land-use plan, this design will reflect all of Dopravní podnik’s detailed requirements. There will be certain changes responding to negotiations being held with the boroughs affected by the project. Once the structural designs have been approved for all three metro stations, zoning proceedings will be launched in order to obtain a zoning decision. The final purchase contracts for the individual properties will be signed after the project conditions have been met and the sale has been approved by Dopravní podnik’s bodies.

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